Afslørende dokumenter om Monsantos bedrag af offentligheden og myndighederne.

Et amerikansk advokatfirma har offentliggjort et solid stak afslørende dokumenter om Monsanto. De viser i følge bloggen “Alternet”, at Monsanto har benyttet ghostwriters til at skrive videnskabelige tekster, der skulle bevise ufarligheden af Round-Up. Også på andre lyssky måder har Monsanto påvirket myndighederne til at tro, at stoffen Glyfosphat er ufarligt for mennesker. Nedenstående link fører til Alternets engelsksprogede artikel om sagen og til links til de offentliggjorte papirer.

More than 75 documents, including intriguing text messages and discussions about payments to scientists, were posted for public viewing early Tuesday morning by attorneys who are suing Monsanto on behalf of people alleging Roundup caused them or their family members to become ill with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. The attorneys posted the documents, which total more than 700 pages, on the website for the law firm Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, one of many firms representing thousands of plaintiffs who are pursuing claims against Monsanto. More than 100 of those lawsuits have been consolidated in multidistrict litigation in federal court in San Francisco, while other similar lawsuits are pending in state courts in Missouri, Delaware, Arizona and elsewhere. The documents, which were obtained through court-ordered discovery in the litigation, are also available as part of a long list of Roundup court case documents compiled by the consumer group I work for, U.S. Right to Know.

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