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Stop the antibiotics crisis – contact your MP


It doesn’t get more serious than this. The antibiotic resistance crisis could threaten the very nature of modern medicine. Resistant bacteria are rendering our antibiotics useless. We will no longer be able to have routine operations safely, we will die from common infections, treatments we take for granted – like chemotherapy for cancer – will be too risky to undertake.

The overuse of antibiotics in human medicine is the main culprit, but the overuse of antibiotics in factory farming is making a significant contribution. We cannot allow precious antibiotics to be used to prop up inhumane farming systems.

We are winning

On the 7th of July the Science and Technology Select Committee produced a report calling for action on the use of antibiotics in farm animals. The Chair of the Committee, Andrew Miller MP, said:

…what we really need from the Government right now is decisive and urgent action to prevent antibiotics being given to people and animals who do not need them.

We must get the Government to act on the recommendations of this report

This report is a major step forward and a marked contrast to a statement from David Cameron the week before, in which he focused on a technological ‘quick-fix’ – new drugs – rather than on the main issue, which is the overuse of antibiotics.

Just under half of all antibiotics in the UK are fed to farm animals, often when no disease is present. We must get the Government to act, to save our antibiotics before it is too late, and to stop them being used to prop up cruel farming systems.